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Ferienregion Alpsee-Grünten

Ferienregion Alpsee-Grünten


Number of municipalities 5
Size 255 km²
Population 48.400
Evolution 1,5 %
Number of households ca. 23.000
Number of companies 2.350
Commuter ratio
(employment place of work /
employment place of living) 
8 %
Commuters in the city of Sonthofen  
Out-commuters 3.400
In-commuters 4.200


Inter-municipal cooperation

  • Tourism: common "Tourism GmbH" aiming at a common image building for Alpsee-Grünten, a common marketing strategy and a common presentation of the tourism destination Alpsee-Grünten
  • Culture: cooperation of the music schools, common theatre magazine, common theatre program



  • Great scarcity of space available
  • High real estate prices impede development
  • High indebtedness of some municipalities strongly restricts leeway for action
  • Tourism is still in the main focus of the regional economic development
  • Too much competition between municipalities
  • Great part of the population is considered being too passive, steady and state-oriented and not being aware of the future challenges in the region



  • Due to the abandonment of military use in the central part of Sonthofen, all at once a large and well developed area (32 ha) is free for commercial and residential use
  • Conversion area in Sonthofen as experimental ground
  • At the same time the city of Immenstadt is planning the exploitation of a scenically very sensible area for commercial development -> oversupply ?
  • Considering requirements of tourism (landscape), flood protection (land)
  • Better consideration of cost-effect-aspects



  • Broad awareness of the necessity of strategic commercial location development (CLD) on political, administrative and public level;
  • Overcoming municipal competition, stronger commitment of the inter-municipal cooperation, stopping unsustainable exploitation of land;
  • Establishing suitable structures for common management of (spatial) CLD in the region ("Gewerbeflächenmanagement") and common marketing, possibly in form of a development agency to be established;
  • Raise the interest of other municipalities for getting involved in the process.


Expectations from COMUNIS

  • Getting external support (financial and technical) for initiating  the CLD process in the region;
  • Learning from other regions how to organize and administer the CLD process.


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