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Folder Flyer 1 - Project Introduction
Folder Flyer 2 - Approaching the Final Conference
Folder Methodology
Articles etc. about methodological approaches
Folder Benchmarks
This folder is opened to store documents showing other intermunicipal CLDs, which are not included in our project or in complement to the Fact Sheets.
Folder Knowledge Management
Basic information on Knowledge Management used within the Comunis Project
File COMUNIS Synthesis Booklet EN
Folder COMUNIS Final Conference Presentations
This folder contains the presentations of the COMUNIS Final Conference held on 8 March 2012 in Bolzano.
Rich document COMUNIS Guidelines
File Project Comunis Appraisal on information exchange in the pilot regions
Action 6.3 foresees that: "All partners inseminate the process by their realistic appraisal on how information exchange takes place in the pilot regions." A factsheet was designed and filled by most Project Partners. It allowed to identify the partners and groups involved in and outside the regions, channels and tools used as well as the types of events organized. The participants were also asked to evaluate the information exchange in the pilot regions and between Project Partners (PP). Finally they described what they learned about information exchange during the project.
File Comunis Final Evaluation
File Comunis Final Publication
File COMUNIS Synthesis Booklet DE-FR-IT-SI
Download the COMUNIS Project Synthesis Booklet in German, French, Italian and Slovene.
File Analysis Tool (Balanced Scorecard / BSC)
File Analysis Tool Description (Balanced Scorecard / BSC)
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COMUNIS Final Publication
Final report on the COMUNIS Project   >>
COMUNIS Project Synthesis in French, German, Italian and Slovene!
Overview, guidelines and models for inter-municipal cooperation.   >>
Sixth COMUNIS Newsletter
The last COMUNIS newsletter edition covers the Final Conference o...   >>
COMUNIS Final Conference
Gewerbegebiete: Über die Gemeindegrenzen hinausdenken - Zone ind...   >>
COMUNIS Project Synthesis Booklet - now available!
Overview, guidelines and models for inter-municipal cooperation.   >>