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Articles etc. about methodological approaches

File Analysis for planned and existing locations (GENI-Poland)
Both existing and planned locations can be subjects to our analyses. On the next pages of this brochure you will find a brief introduction to our analytical products with sample maps.
File Geomarketing in practice - Achieving market optimization through spatial analysis
Introduction: What is geomarketing? Components: 1. Geomarketing software: Analizing and visualyzing customers, turnover and sales territories 2. Geomarketing maps and market data: Realizing potential by building on a solid foundation 3. Geomarketing consultancy: Profiting from the professionals’ know-how Applications 1. Marketing: Analyzing customers and target groups 2. Controlling and sales territory planning: Target lucrative sales regions 3. Branch network optimization, location and expansion planning: Laying the groundwork for success and growth Checklists
File Marketing territorial - Quand le territoire devient produit
Introduction to the application of the marketing model to territories
File Image and branding (N. Babey, HES arc, Neuchâtel)
How to determine the image of a territory ? - Different types of branding.
File Inter-Municipal Cooperation (IMC) Tool Kit
This IMC Toolkit has been prepared by the Council of Europe (CoE), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Local Government Initiative (LGI) of the Open Society. It has been developed at this point of time because local self government in many European countries is faced with challenges for which IMC offers possible solutions.
File Good Practices in Intermunicipal Co-operation in Europe
The report reviews the machinery and practices of intermunicipal co-operation. Council of Europe European Committee on Local and Regional Democracy (CDRL)
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