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WP 4 leader: Chambre de Commerce et d'industrie de Lyon (CCIL)


In a context of global compeitition, municipalities and regions need to share a common vision of the potential of their territory and have to know key factors driving economic and social development. This work package aims at developing a common understanding of these key factors and at identifying success factors in commercial location development (CLD) by means of a common diagnosis and analysis of the legal framework conditions of existing CLD strategies, of inter-municipal or intra-territorial cooperation processes and best practices.


Expected outputs

  • A common check list and analysis scheme covering all relevant aspects of CLD (commercial local development).
  • Reports analysing the situation of CLD on a regional level in the Alpine countries based on the common diagnosis tool (1 per pilot site).
  • Analysis of the specific needs of small and medium sized enterprises regarding CLD (e.g. important retention factors with respect to a region – 1 per pilot site); results are base for a SWOT analysis (1 per site).
  • Comparative analysis of CLD problem situations in the Alpine Space, including recent trends in CLD strategies as well as administrative and legal preconditions (structural basis) for inter-municipal cooperation.
  • Compendium of best practice examples investigated in the respective countries / regions involved or selected by COMUNIS partners.                            
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