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Information and Publicity

WP 3 leader: Europäische Akademie Bozen, Institut für Regionalentwicklung und Standortmanagement (EURAC)

Communication Strategy

The communication objectives of COMUNIS refer to different levels and target groups:

On the regional level:

  • Municipal councils (create awareness for the necessity of inter-municipal cooperation; communicate the advantages of commercial location development (CLD); motivate for active cooperation with local entrepreneurs).
  • Entrepreneurs (inform about potentials and possibilities, motivate for cooperation, adjust supply and demand, networking).
  • Population (transparency, participation in the process, image-building).
  • Responsible authorities on respective administrative levels.
  • Spatial and economic sciences, as well as private regional devleopment advisory offices.
  • Other municipalities (information, motivation for similar activities)


On the transnational level:

  • Alliance in the Alps (spreading idea of CLD)
  • Scientific Community
  • Alpine Convention
  • Arge Alp
  • Local authorities dealing with CLD in isolated regions.


Dissemination Plan

The information & publicity activities will be differentiated in view of the following three target groups:

  1. Media and general public: COMUNIS homepage, periodical newsletter and project flyers
    • Final conference
    • Press releases in local newspapers and on Alpine wide-level
    • Project synthesis booklet (small) in all languages (de, fr, it, sl)
    • Popular scientific final publication in English and original languages
  2. Concerned  municipal councils: - presentation of CLD concept and strategies in council meetings or other public events
  3. Municipalities: e-mailings
  4. All target groups: Small project synthesis booklet


Expected Outputs

  • Project logo               
  • Website, present for the project lifetime and min. two years longer (exclusively in English) with special sections for pilot regions in national languages               
  • Two project flyers (in English, German, French, Italian, Slovene)
  • Six newsletters (in German, French, Italian, Slovene)
  • One project synthesis  booklet (in German, French, Italian, Slovene) and one popular scientific final publication (in English and original languages)
  • One final conference with simultaneous translation (German, French, Italian, Slovene)
  • Communication concept
  • Regular press releases



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