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Coherence with the Alpine Space Programme

Coherence with the programm

Commercial local development (CLD) on inter-municipal level drawing on the full potential of each region contributes significantly to innovation and preservation of small- and medium-sized enterprises (SME) and jobs, being consistent with the superior goal of the Alpine Space Programme of “increasing competitiveness and attractiveness of the cooperation area by developing joint actions”.

CLD structures create promising framework conditions for SME, thus supporting clusters generation and fully developing the potential of local economic branches. This is consistent with the specific goal of priority 1 “Creating appropriate environments for SMEs development”. Leveraging location-based strengths from an inter-municipal/regional perspective and developing endogenous potential is in line with objective “Enhancing development options based on traditional sectors and cultural heritage, as well as on emerging sectors at transnational level”. Implementing CLD pilot projects in Alpine cities will strengthen the role of small urban areas as engines for sustainable development

Reference to the guiding principle "Integrated Approach"

By working together with municipal networks, regional and national entities and by developing and testing the strategies in pilot regions, COMUNIS fulfils requirements of the Programme for a vertical integration. The transnational working approach and the establishment of a knowledge management system providing different intensities of exchange and common learning for the stakeholders in the different regions of the Alps enhances also horizontal and geographic cooperation.
The inter-municipal cooperation and the partnership of public and private stakeholders - being crucial elements of COMUNIS - were granted special significance in the framework of the Leipzig-Charta (cf. point 1: partnership of city and hinterland / town and country).

Reference to the guiding principle "Innovative Approach"

The innovative approach of COMUNIS is the development of instruments allowing municipalities and regions to strengthen their profile by leveraging their economic, human and cultural potentials. Highlighting local strengths with pilot actions in a transparent way is the approach to be visible in the market and increase the attractiveness of an area.
A concrete product innovation of the project is the creation of structures managing commercial land resources by creating and organising a specific market place guided by the principles/policies of the local authorities. This is a new dimension in the spatial planning domain allowing key actors and decision makers to use steering instruments in a focused manner for employment.

Reference to the guiding principles of "Equal Opportunity"

An important aspect of COMUNIS is the development of tools and strategies in a collaborative approach taking into account the sensibilities and needs of local and regional stakeholders while leveraging the potential of local human, cultural and environmental resources, at the same time respecting the limits of exploiting the natural resources. The inter-municipal cooperation helps to overcome “natural” disadvantages of the single municipalities in marginal areas. Results of COMUNIS offer therefore the opportunity to local and regional key actors to implement the equal opportunities and sustainable development principles being systematically integrated in all project tools.

Reference to the guiding principle "Mountain-Oriented Approach"

In the Alps, commercial development is complex and requires special consideration due to topographic constraints, small-scaled scope and dimensions of resources in the mountain valleys and last but not least due to the overlapping land use interests (agriculture, industry, tourism, nature conservation, etc.). The single case strategies of many small local entities cannot address adequately the challenges of commercial development in mountain areas urgently needed to solve problems linked to unemployment and out-migration. The cooperative and transnational approach of COMUNIS is a promising way to enhance CLD activities, also for small municipalities in mountain regions offside from the knowledge networks of urban areas.

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