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Successful Kick Off Meeting

The COMUNIS Kick Off Meeting was held from July 6-7, 2009 in Sierre/Switzerland in the premises of Lead Partner HES.SO. It gave the opportunity to the eleven project partners to discuss and clarify the approach to the examination period in work package four, as well as identify in detail the contents, responsibilities, and outputs of all work packages.

Successful Kick Off Meeting


Mrs Marie-Françoise Perruchoud-Massy from HES-SO welcomed the participants and started the meeting by introducing the Institute of Economics & Tourism, HES-SO, Valais, the site and history of the the venue TechnoArk.

Crucial decisions were taken. Starting from the signing of the subsidy contract, defining steps for the visual appearance of the COMUNIS project, presenting objectives, activities and outputs of the various work packages, and finally setting a starting action for work package four. Until February 2010, the groundwork will be laid for identifying capabilities and shortcomings of regional as well as local commercial location development strategies in the pilot regions.

A first impression of commercial location development in the Swiss Alps was given by Serge Ballestraz of the City of Sierre. He introduced the practice of industrial ecology as approach to optimizing the use of limited resources. A field-trip to commercial zones in the pilot cities Sion, Sierre and Martigny familiarized the project partners with aspects of commercial location development on the municipal level.

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