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Communication Training

The training was targeted towards Alpine Space project partners implementing communication activities in their project. Miriam Weiss (EURAC) and Peter Steurer (VLBG) represented the COMUNIS Project in Munich and got many ideas about the project communication with stakeholders. Two days full of active work done by the participants was requested by the organisers.

Communication Training

Communication Training

On the 19th - 20th October 2009 the Communication Training organised by the Alpine Space Programme was held in Munich.

Because of the fact, that project outcomes can only become viable if projects are successful at promoting these outcomes to the relevant target audiences and endusers the Alpine space Programme offered this training possibility. In order to support the project partners in their communication tasks, the Alpine Space Programme tried to help projects formulate and implement a successful communication strategy and to provide useful tips in media relations. The Communication Training was facilitated by the international PR Company Pinnacle which has valuable experience in professional media and communication trainings.

The communication training was an intensive and interactive seminar. Trainers led briefing on strategic communications. Interactive workshops in small groups led by trainers were held. The workshops were structured so as to encourage participants to brainstorm ideas and share best practice and give collaborative feedback. The trainers challenged participants to define the products and service aspect of their projects and how these fit with their local markets. The Trainers led plenary sessions and highlighted examples of good practice. The aim was to summarise key points from the workshop sessions and feedback recommendations into action planning. Moreover action planning sessions in small groups with trainers and programme responsibles were offered.

Information from the Alpine-Space Programm

An Alpine Space Programme Communication Network Group on LinkedIn has been created. Join this Network to share and discuss experiences and examples with other project partners.

To participate in the Alpine Space Programme Communication Network, you have to be a member of LinkedIn. You will find our group by entering its name in the search field of your LinkedIn profile. Simply request to join the group and after your approval by the JTS you will be able to participate in the group activities. LinkedIn

All the materials from the Communication Training are now available from the past events section of this website. Besides the presentations and exercises you will find the communication handbook as a collection of factsheet for all project partners to download and work with.

Click here to access all the materials from Alpine-Space website.

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